The Neuron DATABASE 3.0 program is designed to process big data and video
images. “Neuron DATABASE 3.0” is used on complexes operating in process control
systems, SCADA systems.



“Neuron DATABASE 3.0” provides:

When used as part of an industrial control system or industrial systems: streaming
data processing. Signal processing from sensors, up to 10,000 MEMS sensors.
Interfacing with SCADA systems as embedded equipment.

Computing tasks: modeling of physical processes, processing of large amounts of
data, cybersecurity;

Applied Engineering Tasks: computational experiment with new engineering
designs, automation of predictive mathematical modeling processes. Engineering
analysis and design of new products.

Tasks of multicriteria optimization.

“Neuron DATABASE 3.0” compatible with servers and computers with Red Hat,
Windows 7-8, Windows Server 2003 and higher installed. Work in Linux, FreeBSD, OS /
2, eComStation, MS-DOS, Solaris through virtual machines VMware Workstation 5.5,
VMware Server.