iD Linux Setup


iD Linux is building outstanding open source embedded products, ensuring customers work with the latest code from the most important open source efforts and most recent technologies.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce production and maintenance costs by as much as 47% and accelerate build cycles by more than 25% compared to in-house efforts.

Rely on Predictive Maintenance and 24/7 Product Support

Bypass the hassles of managing your embedded software across its entire lifecycle, from initial designs to retirement.



iD Linux delivers all the technologies essential to building a powerful, flexible, responsive, stable, and secure embedded platform for running the most demanding networks.

·      Meets the registration requirements of the Linux Foundation’s Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 specifications.

·      Built on the latest Yocto Project Compatible platform.

·      Built to protect infrastructures and eliminate network downtime.

·      Ideal for large corporate infrastructures, data centers, military communications, and high-performance devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).


·      Support for 99.9999% availability.

·      Serviceability.

·      Performance.

·      Clustering.

·      Security.

·      CGL Test Suite.

·      Virtual routing and forwarding (VRF).



Based on the Yocto Project implementation of the OpenEmbedded Core (OE-Core) project, iD Linux leverages the velocity of open source innovation while enabling better control and risk mitigation of the software stack. The Yocto Project uses the build instructions (recipes), configuration files, and other metadata to define the open source base for the iD Linux risk mitigation add-ons that help manufacturers during the productization and lifecycle of their devices. These add-ons include security vulnerabilities protection, open source IP compliance artifacts, and product support and maintenance.